Youth Respect Team

The Youth Respect Team are able to offer support and guidance to young people across the Gwent Area who are struggling with their own behaviours within relationships. This is available for those aged 11-18 years. 


Healthy Relationship Work

Young people concerned about their behaviours and responses within their intimate relationships can have support from our Youth Respect Team. Referrals will be assigned a key worker who will work with that young person.

We offer a strengths based,solution focused behaviour change programme with 8-10 sessions which seeks to address changes in behaviour. 


Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse

Child/Adolescent to Parent violence and abuse (CAPVA) is one of the most hidden, misunderstood and stigmatised forms of family abuse. Phoenix DAS is a leading organisation in Wales, proactively responding to this social problem. 

Our behavioural change programme of work offers a full family support approach that utilises tools to engage both young people and their parents/carers. 

The work incorporates safety planning,risk assessment, de-escalation techniques, exploring power, respectful communication skills, responsibility and restorative practice.

Parents and young people are assigned individual support workers to guide them through the programme. Joint appointments may be completed at intervals if it is deemed appropriate to do so. 


Referrals for child and/or parenting support  can be made via the referral email- or call 01495 291202 and ask to speak to the Youth Respect Team Leader or the Victim & Family Team Manager.