Rise and Thrive Project

The Rise and Thrive workers provide a package of ongoing support to victims of domestic abuse aged over 16 in Blaenau Gwent. Support can be provided for those in a relationship or those who have left. This work takes place on a group and 1-2-1 basis.

Recovering from an abusive relationship is a process and the Rise and Thrive Team work with those who have experienced abuse to identify their strengths and needs to rebuild their lives. The team will increase victims knowledge and understanding of their experiences and provide additional support to help their wellbeing- this may include linking in with other community organisations or professionals such as Housing, Substance Misuses services, Social Services and many more. The team provides useful and workable plans that are individual for each victim and may include such things as budgeting, training, wellbeing, goal setting etc..

As part of the process in recovering from an abusive relationship, the Rise and Thrive Team can offer support to extended family members to increase their understanding of the abuse and the impact it may have had on the victim(s). This can help rebuild relationships that have been affected by the abuse.


RESET Group Programme

The RESET Programme has been designed by the Rise and Thrive Team to help victims understand domestic abuse and how it has affected their lives, and give them practical support in recovering from this abuse.  

The Programme is a 10 week rolling programme and open to Blaenau Gwent residents only.


The programme will help participants understand and define domestic abuse and realise the impact it has on them and their children. 

The programme also incorporates wellbeing for the participants to help with their experiences with positive coping strategies

To help participants recognise the signs and tactics of abusive behaviour in future relationships. 

To motivate participants to recognise their strengths to survive and thrive.

Sessions cover:

  1. Power and control
  2. Emotional abuse/ Coercion
  3. Isolation/Gaslighting
  4. Social Presence
  5. Financial Power
  6. Nature/Nurture
  7. Authorities and You
  8. Consent 
  9. Minimise, Deny and Blame
  10. Moving on.


Referrals for the group programmes can be made via the referral email- Referrals@phoenixdas.co.uk or call 01495 291202 and ask to speak to one of the Rise and Thrive Team or the Victim & Family Team Manager.