Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programmes

Phoenix Domestic Abuse Service has been offering domestic abuse perpetrator intervention for over 7 years to encourage positive behaviour and attitude change. The Phoenix Respect Programme is accredited by Respect, the UK’s accrediting body for perpetrator programmes, and has featured on BBC Panorama to raise awareness and promote change at a societal level.

Phoenix Respect Programme

What is it?

Phoenix DAS delivers a community based domestic violence perpetrator programme which includes a dedicated Partner Link Officer to ensure the safety of victims of domestic abuse. The programme is a Respect Accredited programme for men or women in heterosexual or same sex relationships.  The Phoenix Respect Programme intervention is designed to help people who want to stop being abusive in their intimate relationships and to improve their current or future relationships with partners.

What does it include?

The Phoenix Respect programme takes on average seven months to complete once the person is committed and motivated to attending their weekly sessions. The programme consists of a suitability assessment completed over three sessions, followed by 24 group sessions, one midway session and one exit session. Referring agencies will be provided with updates and reports throughout the intervention period covering level of meaningful engagement and changes in risk.

What are the aims of the programme?

The Phoenix Respect Programme is designed to help participants stop their violence, aggression or abuse by achieving five objectives:

1. To provide known victims and current partners undertaking the Phoenix Respect programme with information, and to support safety planning.

2. To help participants undertaking the programme to understand; why they use violence and abuse against partners and ex partners and the effects of this behaviour on their (ex) partners, children, others and themselves.

3. To encourage participants to take responsibility for their abusive and violent behaviour in their relationships.

4. To motivate participants to take specific positive steps to change their behaviours in their relationships.

5. To encourage participants to learn how to use non-controlling behaviour strategies in their relationships in order to prevent future violence and abuse.

What are the benefits?

Increase well-being for all individuals involved, reduce the reoccurrence of domestic abuse in the future and to end the cycle of abuse.

Total Costings for Group Programme Intervention: 

The total cost is £1495.  This will include 3 payments:

– £450 to be paid for the Risk and Suitability assessment including a summary report for referring agency.
– £522.50 to be paid prior to commencing group sessions.
– £522.50 to be paid at the midway point.

How to refer?

Individuals can self- refer or a partnership agency can refer someone.  Referrals can be made either by telephone on 01495 291202 or sent to the following email address;

Phoenix DAS recognises that starting this process can be extremely daunting and you will, no doubt, have concerns that you will be judged, harshly treated or vilified. The team work in a reassuring, non-judgmental manner and will be around to advise and lead you through this process and ensure that you get the best support throughout.

One-to-one Phoenix Respect Programme

The one-to-one intervention will be a on bespoke package put together by the assessor based on the individual’s needs, risk and responsivity. It follows the same themes as the male group intervention that includes it will include three suitability assessment sessions and 12 individual work sessions. Referring agencies are provided with reports on level of meaningful engagement.

The one to one programme is available to individuals identified or at risk of being abusive to same sex partners or are female.  Consideration will be given to working with male participants who routinely work unsociable hours/rotating shifts or have additional needs.

Total Costings for one-to-one programme intervention cases within normal working hours & costings for out of normal office hours

The following costs refer to any work completed within a normal 9-5 working day:

A one to one bespoke package will cost £1950. This will include two payments:
– £450 to be paid for the risk and suitability assessment including a summary report.
– £1500 to be paid prior to commencing the programme sessions.

The following costs refer to any work completed outside normal office hours:

A one to one bespoke package will cost £2395 – This will include two payments:
– £600 to be paid for the risk and suitability assessment including a summary report.
– £1795 to be paid prior to commencing the programme sessions.

If your client is only available on weekends a one to one package can be arranged, please contact the Perpetrator Interventions Manager for more information.