Recovery Team – Child and Parent Support

Phoenix DAS are able to provide support to children aged 6-18 who reside in the Blaenau Gwent area and have been impacted by violence and abuse at home. 

Children referred will be assigned a worker within the Recovery Team. This worker will support the child to help them understand their experiences and recognise their own emotions and feelings. Workers will create safe spaces for children to explore their wellbeing. Workers utilise various tools to engage children at a pace that is suitable for their individual development and needs. The team uses a Play-led approach to help children’s wellbeing through the intervention.

Parenting support is also offered to victims who feel they would benefit from additional guidance and support from an unbiased and experienced practitioner.

Referrals for child and/or parenting support  can be made via the referral email- or call 01495 291202 and ask to speak to the Victim & Family Team Manager.