About Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can happen to anybody, regardless of gender, social class, education, employment, background or sexuality.  You may not realise that your relationship is abusive but you may feel that something is making you feel uncomfortable or unhappy. 

Our Definition:

“Domestic abuse is any violent or abusive behaviour, whether physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, verbal or financial, which is used by one person to control and/or dominate another with whom they have or have had a relationship”.


Some signs you may need support from our victim team

Although everybody’s situation is different, there are some common factors that link unhealthy and abusive relationships. They can include;

Feeling afraid of your partner or their reactions. You may often alter your behaviour and opportunities in order to keep them happy. You may avoid certain situations or topics as you fear their reactions. You may apologise for things without knowing what you did ‘wrong’ just to keep them happy.  

Feeling that you can not do anything right and that you are often being put down or humiliated. 

Feeling ‘trapped’ and isolated from friends, family and the outside world. Feeling as though your actions,behaviours and thoughts are being monitored by your partner, for example putting barriers to stop you seeing friends and family, monitoring your phone etc.. 

Using lies and manipulation for you to change your thoughts, plans, appearance etc. You may feel confused about incidents where your partner has told you things happen differently to how you remember them. 

Believing that the anger and abuse from your partner is your fault. 

You do not feel like an equal partner in your relationship. 


Some signs you might benefit from having support around your behaviours- 

Have you?

Physically hurt or threatened to hurt your partner

Pushed or shoved your partner

Frightened or intimidated your partner

Display jealous behaviour and check up on your partner

Control or pressure them into doing what you want, not what they want

Call your partner names, humiliate them or swear at them

Punch walls, or throw things, or damage property

Insist on sex, when you know your partner doesn’t want to

Restrain your partner or stop them from going out

Upset or scare your children

Hurt or threaten to harm pets to make your partner or children do what you want


What can we do to help?

Victims and Perpetrators can access support and programmes to make changes in their situations.

Children affected by their experiences of abuse at home can access support

Professionals can attend training to understand how to recognise and signpost individuals and families for support.



If you have more questions about domestic abuse or how to access support. Please call us on 01495 291202.

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